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Edgewood Apartments - Layout & Pricing

Apartment Layout & Pricing

Edgewood Apartments is a community of 120 apartments that consist of two buildings, each with a total of 4 floors. Building A has 64 units and Building B 56 units. The building floor plans below show the arrangement of units on each floor. Edgewood offers one-bedroom apartments as well as five different two-bedroom apartment layouts to choose from.

Edgewood Apartments Building A

Building A

Edgewood Apartments Building B

Building B

1 BR Unit DStarting at $1,550Floorplan
1 BR Unit H1Starting at $1,550Floorplan
2 BR Unit BStarting at $1,775Floorplan
2 BR Unit FStarting at $1,775Floorplan
2 BR Unit AStarting at $1,800Floorplan
2 BR Unit EStarting at $1,800Floorplan
2 BR Unit H2Starting at $1,800Floorplan
2 BR Unit CStarting at $1,850Floorplan